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Rummy is one of the most popular card game in India. Now play  13 cards rummy games online and earn real cash online. rummygame offers Online Rummy platform featured with faster gameplay, secure payments and more rewards. With our best-in-class Online Rummy Platform, you'll never get bored with Rummy. Playing Online Rummy was never this Rewarding.  With Asia rummy game's latest online rummy platform you can play Points Rummy, Deals Rummy & also Rummy Tournaments. 



Although Indian Rummy is played with 13 cards, it has many variations of its own.

Each variation has its different set of rules and gameplay. Play all the rummy variations on Asia Rummy and experience the highest level of excitement!

The popular game of Indian Rummy gets even more interesting with its unique variations. Each rummy variation is entertaining and has its own level of excitement. If you have played just one rummy variation, you must try the other variations to experience their awesome gameplay when you play rummy for cash next time.

We have described the rules and gameplay of all the Indian rummy variations for you below. Read on to learn each Indian rummy variant.

Main Variations of Indian Rummy

There are four main variations of Indian Rummy. The number of cards dealt remains the same but the gameplay differs from one another. Some variants are played for one deal while others continue for many, depending on the winning criteria set before the commencement of the game. Here are the main Indian Rummy variations, widely played in the country:

Points Rummy:

Points Rummy, also known as Strikes Rummy, is the fastest form of Indian rummy. Millions of players choose to play this rummy variant as there is a great scope to win lots of real money in a short time. The game is very competitive — up to 6 players can play together to make big money quickly. A monetary value is assigned to each point before a game begins. The winner of the game takes all the money that his opponents lose in the game. Due to the monetary point system, Points Rummy remains a favourite rummy variant with many cash rummy players.

Pool Rummy:

Pool Rummy is another competitive Indian Rummy variant where the prize pool is comparatively bigger than in Points Rummy. Players have to pay a fixed entry fee to play a game in order to win the prize. The game is quite exhaustive as there is no fixed number of deals. Players are eliminated when they reach a fixed number of points, for example a 101 or 201 points pool. In a 101 Pool, you can get eliminated if you reach 101 points. Similarly, you will be out of the game if you reach 201 points in 201 Pool Rummy. This game continues until all the players are eliminated and the player with the least number of points wins the total prize pool. A 201 Pool Rummy game takes a bit longer to finish but you get multiple chances to improve your score throughout the game. In 101 Pool Rummy, the action is much faster and you can beat your opponents quickly to win the prize pool.

Deals Rummy:

Played for a fixed number of deals, Deals Rummy is another exciting variation of Indian Rummy. It is usually played for 2, 3, 4 and 6 deals, and the winner of each deal wins chips from the losing players. Just like Pool Rummy, the players need to pay the entry fees, which form the prize pool. The player who has the most chips at the end of all the deals is declared the winner. Deal Rummy is totally based on skills, as you can recover your losing points by beating your opponents in the subsequent deals. If you lose in the first deal, you can have a perfect comeback in the next deal. Due to this factor, Deals Rummy is widely played at special events and with bigger prize pools.

Rummy Tournaments:

Tournaments are probably the most competitive variation of Indian Rummy. Played for up to five rounds, players need to progress to higher stages for winning the prize pool.


1. When trying to form your sets, it is easier to play for sequences than it is to play for groups. This should be your focus at the start of the game unless you have lots of cards which can make groups. Once you have a run or two, you can begin to focus on groups.

2. Be aware of which cards your opponent is picking up. If an opponent picks up a face-up cards from the discard pile, this can give you an idea of what cards they are looking for. As they pick up more and more cards from the face-up pile, you should be forming a picture of the cards in their hand. Be aware of this when you are discarding your cards. You should also be watching for which cards your opponent is discarding. This can help you understand which cards your opponent is not looking for. Between their discards and their pick-ups, you can form a pretty good picture of their strategy.

3. Try not to hang onto high-value cards, especially as the game progresses. Not only will you need to have less than 10 points in your deadwood, but if your opponent knocks, and you are left with a lot of high-value cards, your opponent can score big. At the beginning of the game, you may be able to use this to your advantage. You can keep high-value cards and pick up the high-value cards which your opponent discards, to make se- quences and groups.

4. When you are thinking about sequences and groups, it is essential to note that both need to be made up of at least three cards. A group can only have a maximum of four cards, but a sequence can have any number. A sequence could contain three cards, four cards, or even ten cards. This is important to remember.

5. When you are thinking about sequences and groups, it is essential to note that both need to be made up of at least three cards. A group can only have a maximum of four cards, but a sequence can have any number. A sequence could contain three cards, four cards, or even ten cards. This is important to remember.

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